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The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research (CollMed)

CollMed is a research Institute devoted to finding the most important aspects of nutrition and nutrient supplements for decreasing cancer risks and helping in therapy. A 501(3)c non-profit organization, FCMR relies on donations and contributions from the public while maintaining no affiliation to any companies or profit organizations.


Dr. Flavin offers private consultations with patients. Please go to our contact page and send an inquiry.


CollMed is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from the public with no affiliation to any companies or profit organizations.



We truly look forward to serving patients and their families by sharing our knowledge with them!

President and Founder Dr. Dana F. Flavin

Professor Dr. Dana F. Flavin spearheads our organization, poised to share her 27 years of research and expertise in cancer and cancer prevention with individuals from around the world. She has helped countless individuals heal on a cellular level and recapture health in holistic ways. She also offers presentations on her research to interested associations and groups. Her expertise includes disciplines in chemistry, biochemistry, nutrient biochemistry and medicine with a specialty in Biochemical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Flavin works with a team of professionals from around the world, including Germany, Austria, Italy and the United States.

Dr. Flavin Saved My Life…

Sophie was given a death sentence. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, which spread to her lymph nodes, spine and brain. Dr. Flavin worked with Sophie, reversing her cancer and allowing her dreams of becoming a best-selling author to come true.

I had Stage IV skin cancer with little hope for survival. Dr. Flavin explained to me that conventional medicine wasn’t often enough. She suggested changing my diet, infusions, supplements and a detoxification plan. She gave me courage and suddenly, I had hope again. Since my treatment with Dr. Flavin, I have no more metastases. My cancer is gone!
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Marliese B.

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