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A vaccine detoxification plan is a smart step after receiving a vaccine. There are often heavy metals and other inorganic compounds contained within them. These simple steps assure a lightened load on your body.

Heavy metals are shown to de-structure the healthy hexagonal water structure seen in pure rainwater and in healthy human cells. Sick cells, such as cancer cells, have very little structured water and cannot function properly. Therefore DNA is weakened with heavy metal contaminants in the cell, since structured water is what stabilizes DNA.

General Detoxification for Heavy Metals and Environmental Contaminants (such as aluminum, lead, mercury, fluoride)

Zeolite. Zeolite is a cage-like structure that pulls in heavy metals and helps to eliminate metals via the gastrointestinal tract. Zeolite should be taken late at night or very early in the AM without any medicines after or at least half an hour before meds or meals. Add 1 heaping teaspoon to pure filtered water.

Additional metal detox support: www.herbalix.com nighttime deodorant cleanser on the soles of the feet with white socks for 8 hours, day or night. (This product pulls out additional metals through the foot soles.)

Take a trace mineral with your metal detox, like Shilajit or fulvic acid/humic acid once a day to replace missing minerals.

Graphene Oxide toxicity:

For decreasing graphene oxide in the body, chlorella and spirulina are both excellent. Both algaes have different benefits but both provide aspects of detoxification. It is often recommended to take chlorella one day in the afternoon and spirulina the next day in the afternoon. Both can be added to water.

For decreasing candida in the body, one capsule of oregano oil daily, organic preferably.

For decreasing fluoride in the pineal gland, a pinch of human-grade boron/borax placed in water daily.

Glutathione peroxidase is an essential sulfur-containing enzyme. It removes and prevents toxins in the body and rapidly reduces metals, graphene and other contaminants that our bodies are exposed to via foods, waters and injections. Glutathione peroxidase detoxes peroxynitrite; a toxic reaction seen in toxicities of viruses, cytokine storm and EMF/5G.

Sulfur is essential for detox. A half teaspoon of MSM or pure organic human-grade sulfur is important in our bodies and helps for synthesis of Glutathione.

The supplement, N-acetylcysteine, 400-600 mg/day, is also a sulfur essential for glutathione synthesis along with selenium. Cysteine and selenium can be found in garlic. Selenium can be found in Brazil nuts or taken as a supplement.

For further toxicity prevention, see Cytokine Storm. 

Prof(hon) Dr. Dana F. Flavin, Dr. med univ, M.S., N.D.