There are doctors and there are angels. Sometimes they are one and the same. I came across Dr. Dana Flavin in a film called Cancer Conquest, which I watched within two weeks of my Stage IV cancer diagnosis. I was very struck by her humble attitude, evident brilliance and the palpable joy she felt about saving her patients’ lives. Dr. Flavin was the first physician to give me real hope.

But this testimonial comes with a ‘health warning’ however: she is not for the slow-witted. I think I am quite intelligent, but watching this woman’s brain operate at lightning speed for two hours was a wonder to behold.
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Sophie Sabbage

When I was 42 years old, they found a melanoma, with distant lymph node involvement. The diagnosis: black skin cancer, Stage IIIB. I had interferon therapy for 1.5 years. In 2014, a CT was taken and there was more distant metastases. Because of the metastases, I was given a Stage IV grade cancer. They told me most patients at Stage IV die in a very short time. I was devastated beyond words.

As a final attempt to rid myself of this cancer, I made an appointment with Dr. Flavin. She explained to me that conventional medicine isn’t often enough to heal. Her suggestions included changing my diet, detoxification, infusions and nutrients. Dr. Flavin has command of an enormous amount of knowledge about cancer. She gave me courage and suddenly I had hope. Since my treatment from Dr. Flavin, I have no more metastases. My cancer is gone!!

Marliese B.

I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma and my choices were limited: lumpectomy, radiation and years worth of hormone treatment. After working with Dr. Flavin, cleaning up my diet and including powerful supplements, they could no longer detect any DCIS in my breasts. I’m grateful to have been spared such invasive techniques and now feel healthier than I have in years!

Beth M.

Hot Buttered Media

Dr. Flavin helped me to reverse my colon cancer. She had me tested for parasites. I had amoebas. They were treated and Dr. Flavin gave me her support therapy. I still can’t believe that my colon cancer is cured.

Pascal L.

Dr. Flavin was able to save my life from my thyroid cancer. I had metastases all over my lungs and the doctors were amazed that they all disappeared after her therapy.

Walter S.

The hospital wanted to take off my arm and shoulder for my cervical cancer metastases. Dr. Flavin got rid of all the other metastases and sent me to have a local ablation therapy which saved my shoulder and arm from being surgically removed. I would have been handicapped my whole life were it not for Dr. Flavin.

Sigrid Z.

If I hadn’t had Dr. Flavin’s help, I wouldn’t be here today. She is my angel. She completely cured all my brain metastases from my breast cancer and saved my life. Everyone else had given up on me.

Claudia B.

My prostate cancer was so bad I couldn’t walk more than a few miles at all. Now I can walk 15 miles in a day and feel the prostate tumors going away day by day. I feel my life coming back to me, thanks to Dr. Flavin’s therapy.

Heikki T.

Dr. Flavin helped me with my skin cancer. The hospital wanted to operate and remove part of my cheek and nose, but Dr. Flavin found a therapy for me that caused the immune system to destroy my skin tumor without any scarring or disfiguring that I would have had were it not for Dr. Flavin’s knowledge.

Helmut C.

My prostate PSA levels were on the maximum levels and they completely returned to normal after a few weeks on Dr. Flavin’s therapy. The sonogram showed all the tumor and swelling disappeared from her therapy.

Werner K.

I had stage IV colon cancer and the doctors had given up on me. Then I met Dr. Flavin, who gave me a new therapy not standard in most hospitals. It worked so well, that all my tumors and their metastases went away in 6 months. We were all more than surprised. She saved my life.

Chris H.

Dr. Flavin has been more than a doctor to help reverse my breast cancer with her therapy, but she has been a friend as well. I have never seen such a devoted, compassionate doctor who is always there for each patient.

Fiona B.

I met Dr. Flavin in 2004 at the Cancer Clinic in Germany. She has not only helped me to stay cancer free for all those years, but she has also taught and helped colleagues to improve their therapies and support their learning in science and medicine to help patients.

Janie M.

Dr. Flavin not only gave me the right therapy to reverse my breast cancer, but she gave me the courage to not give up and fight the disease until I finally reached remission. I owe her my life!

Eleanore S.

My stomach cancer spread to my gallbladder and they wanted to remove all of it, but Dr. Flavin was able to reverse the whole disease and found out it was caused by a parasite. The therapy was a combination of anti-parasitic and a new drug for tumors. I am eternally grateful.

Deborah M.

My prostate cancer was put into complete remission on Dr. Flavin’s therapy. I didn’t need surgery or any chemotherapy. I cannot thank her enough.

Martin S.

I have been in remission since 2009 from brain cancer. They couldn’t remove all of the glioblastoma and told me that it would come back again in a year, but on Dr. Flavin’s diet, detox and oxygen therapy, I lead a normal life and have had no tumor growth in 6 years. That is a miracle for me.

Brian F.

I have had good news from my latest scans – no visible signs of cancer in my pelvis and the bone, lymph and lung metastases seem to have resolved too. Good news eh?!”

[Libby K. was diagnosed with endometrial cancer with multiple metastases. After unsuccessful chemo and radiation, she ran out of options. As a last effort, she made a consultation with Dr. Flavin who brought her back to health again.] Libby K.