After my first appointment with professor Dr. Flavin, I could tell she was someone that genuinely cares about her patients and had the knowledge, experience and spiritual awareness that enables her to look at cancer treatment from every possible angle and holistically treat each patient as an individual. 

Her knowledge of cancer is unrivaled and not only does she give you the confidence and knowledge to beat this disease, she sees cancer as more of a nuisance than a life-threatening illness. That’s how confident she is in her abilities…and rightly so!  Talking with her is a genuine delight and she is always there to answer questions you have.

Dr. Flavin needs to be awarded a Nobel Prize, and whilst I can’t grant that, I can happily give a testimonial to say you will not be disappointed in a consultation with her. She is the lifeline that could literally help save your life and I am so very pleased and grateful that I managed to find her, she is the reason I am now NED (no evidence of disease).

I will remain eternally grateful for all your assistance and look forward to reading your book once it is finished. You are a true gift to this world!