[I received this letter last week and want to share it with you. Know this: no matter how dire your situation, there is always hope. – Dr. Dana Flavin]

Dr. Dana Flavin,

I want to take this moment to send you this message: My life, Our Lives are filled with gratitude for the kindness and care you shared with me and my family in the moment we needed you the most.


I came to you when my son was confirmed exposure with TB from his school teacher at the beginning of his school year. The teacher had been actively teaching without the knowledge of contracting any illness for three months before testing to find the source of the consistent cough. Finally, the physician tested for TB, the results returned positive for ‘medically drug-resistant tuberculosis TB.


The CDC came into our school and did all that they do. We the parents were only then made aware of what our children were about to go through along with the challenges we might all possibly face, it was daunting.


I channeled through my friends who I trusted with knowledge of self-reliance for better health and I found my way to you.


In our conversation then, you were extremely kind and calming in your discussion with me. I knew your background and came to you with complete respect. You gave me confidence my child would be okay. You had shared with me I could go to my local health food store and purchase over the counter supplements.


During my research, I was extremely impressed with the support and value of this unknown supplement to me, I was excited about the possibilities.


Finally, you recommended a product I had never heard of. You shared with me this might be difficult to find in California.


With these natural supplements—which I purchased easily and over the counter without any prescriptions—in my family, we all took the regular doses for the next ten days.


On the first round of testing with the CDC it was inconclusive if any of the kids tested positive, it wasn’t over. Two weeks later, with the final required testing, our child was one of very few who tested with no trace of TB in his system. He sat closest to the teacher in the front row.


The Teacher went into quarantine for a full year, and most of the children who finally did test positive were required to x-rays every year for the rest of their lives, along with adult dosage medications to suppress the TB within their systems. My heart is always with all of those children. Today, years later, our child is still living a very healthy life thanks to your wisdom and professionalism.


I can’t thank you enough for sharing your kindness in wisdom with us. As the father, I am forever in your debt for the good health and safety or our child. I understand the values of risk. We didn’t feel there was any risk with natural supplements that were allowed to be freely sold and shared over the counter. You provided guidance with care and concern, backed by your passions for the knowledge you have dedicated your life to for others. We knew then that there were no guarantees, what we found were the results we were dreaming of.


Again, and again throughout my thoughts in my life, I thank you.