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Dana Flavin-König M.D.

Dr. Dana Flavin currently holds an honorary professor title from The Leicester School of Pharmacy at De Montfort University in the UK where she teaches the pharmacology of anti-cancer nutrients and off-label drugs.

She received her Degree in Psychology and Chemistry from Loyola University and completed graduate school in pharmacology at Chicago Medical School.

Four years later, she was appointed Science Assistant to the Associate Bureau Director for Toxicology at the Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C. During this time, she researched the molecular biology of cancer and tumor promotion, investigating the application of translational medicine into potential therapies for cancer. She was then appointed Science Advisor to the President of the Nutrition Foundation and began graduate studies at Howard University in Nutrient Biochemistry under the Department of Nutrition.

Several years later, with a Summa Cum Laude in Nutrition she moved to Germany and began her studies in medicine and completion of her M.D. degree in Innsbruck, Austria.

With a total of 40 years devoted to research, Dr. Flavin started the Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research in Connecticut, a non-profit organization where she shares her knowledge in the areas of medicine, pharmacology and nutrition with patients and colleagues from around the world.

Her medical success stories include the development of a new therapy for mononucleosis hepatosplenomegaly that cures children in 24 hours (published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 2006) and a therapy for breast cancer patients that reverses brain metastases within 3 months (published in the Journal of Neurooncology, 2007).

She continually searches for new therapies globally, both conventional and complementary. Her most recent work involves a highly developed nanotechnology (Quantum dot), a collaborative effort using a nanocrystal delivery system to carry compounds and amplify their activities. These nanocrystals only affect cancer mitochondria, thereby stopping the cancer and reversing the disease.

Her ongoing global education in science and medicine has also helped discover and improve therapies for many diseases including cancer, autoimmune diseases (such as Graves thyroiditis), rheumatoid arthritis and viral diseases.

Collaboration between Heidelberg Cancer Research Center and the USA is presently in development.

Dr. Flavin has devoted her life to help humankind in every way possible and relieve suffering, find cures and bring back hope to the hopeless and health to those who were dying.

“I’ve been researching cancer since 1979. I started applying what I learned in 1992, and to my surprise, the tumors in my patients began to disappear. As I learned more methods, mechanisms and secret therapies over the years, I realized cancer is indeed curable and no longer the enemy.” – Dr. Dana Flavin


President and Founder

Dr. Dana F. Flavin

Professor Dr. Dana F. Flavin spearheads our organization, poised to share her 40+ years of research and expertise in cancer and cancer prevention with individuals from around the world. She has helped countless individuals heal on a cellular level and recapture health in holistic ways. She also offers presentations on her research to interested associations and groups. Her expertise includes disciplines in chemistry, biochemistry, nutrient biochemistry and medicine with a specialty in Biochemical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Flavin works with a team of professionals from around the world, including Germany, Austria, Italy and the United States.


Medical license: Germany, #310011

Medical license: Ireland, #422036

Additional education: Naturopathic License, Germany

Dr. Flavin’s CV/Resume

Bio & Advisory Board

Colleagues and Medical Advisory Board:

Dr. Massimo Bonucci, Rome Italy, Oncologist
Dr. Aldo Mancini Naples, Italy, Oncology
Dr. Ilse Triebnig, Lenz Austria, Oncology and surgery
Dr. Ursula Jacobs, Tegernsee, Germany, Oncology
Dr. Chen Haohui, Bejiing, China, Internal Medicine, Oncology
Dr. Noel Campbell, Australia, Med Dent Oncology
Professor Scheidl, Munich Germany, Medical Oncological Research


The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research

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