The increase in autism is an alarming medical problem not to mention an emotional and financial catastrophe to those affected by it. But what are the physical factors at play behind it?

We know that the inflammation in the brain and GI tract of autistic children can be seriously problematic. Though luckily its not impossible to reverse it. Natural anti-inflammatories for the brain appear to help. Additionally, probiotics and organic foods aid the GI tract in becoming more balanced and decrease leaky gut syndrome.

Heavy metal detoxification also seems to help, but must be done naturally (as it can be too dangerously if done with chemicals). There are therapeutic support measures I’ve employed that have helped children to return to an improved mental balance.

More needs to be done to make this information available to the parents so they can help their children.

But what is the cause of this disease?

There appears to be another potential arm as it pertains to autism: the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). It has been proven that cellphones and EMF-sending towers can open up the BBB in brains. The brains of children are even more susceptible to this change and allow substances to get into the brain that would not normally be there.

Is it possible that the cause of autism is the opening up of the BBB, which then lets in the vaccine contents to a place that they should not be, the brain?

The idea is not to be overlooked and should be further investigated. Perhaps we need prominent warnings when it comes to using your cell phone while in a car with your baby. Or the prolonged use of wifi-based equipment, like laptops, computers and cell phones. (The car is especially a concern because it serves as a reverse Faraday cage keeping in more EMF’s and causing more influence on the BBB.)

What about 5G, the new cellular network technology? We don’t know if this will enhance the risk of autism and perhaps other diseases by influencing not only the BBB but also the immune system.

Is it possible that the vaccines themselves alone are not the cause of the autism, but rather could it be that the BBB is being opened by EMF and cell phones letting the vaccines go where they should not be? More research is desperately needed to answer these questions.

These studies must be done. We need to investigate if there are multiple causes of autism and be able to prevent this condition from growing with more and more children affected. We owe it to them to find answers and learn to reverse and prevent this modern disease of autism. The children of the future, need our help!

Prof(hon) Dr. Dana F. Flavin,Dr. med univ