Nutrients play a major role in the social crisis of suicide. For example, heavy metals (found in water, fish and amalgam fillings) can cause depression. We also know that a deficiency in Vitamin D is confirmed in depressed patients.

Instead of testing for nutrient deficiencies, the patients are immediately given an antidepressant that can make them aggressive, lethargic and yes, suicidal. (Conversely, nutrients don’t have the negative side effects that antidepressants have.)

Nutrients that fight against depression include: Vitamin D3, magnesium, selenium, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, C and E and of course, B vitamins. Amino acids are also very helpful and can help fight depression. Precursors of natural brain transmitters like serotonin can be raised with high tryptophan-containing foods, like turkey.

Conversely, we must stay away from such dangerous substances as glyphosates, which alter the brain transmitters, decrease the activation of vitamin D3 and cause leaky gut syndrome (which affects vitamin and mineral absorption and a myriad of depression-related effects). Glyphosates alter the hormone levels too, leading to other complications (and of course, depression).

Foods that serve as natural antidepressants (organic only) include:

Brazil nuts, walnuts, flaxseed and almonds
Seafood (especially wild salmon)
Dark green leafy salads, kale
Turkey, liver, eggs, meat, chicken, beans
Oysters, whole grains
Goat and sheep milk

Go organic and save your life!

Prof. Dr. Flavin, Dr. med univ