How to Reverse Cancer (Even Stage IV)

Many of my colleagues around the world in oncology are making mistakes in their therapies. They may have meant well, but they are working in the wrong direction.

They must start by working backward. The illness of cancer started with contamination of the cell, the body, and the mind. One should not initiate the first step of therapy by destroying the cancerous cells. Instead, one must begin by helping the cells to heal. How does one do that?

First, detoxification to cleanse the body and the cells is imperative. What does this mean? It means eliminating any toxins, heavy metals, viruses, and pathogens in the body and in the tumor. We try to test for any pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and more. If we do not reverse and eliminate these negatives, we cannot reverse these cancers.

Cancer is reversible. Is it easy? No, but it is possible. We have achieved this many times in patients who were sent home and told that nothing more was available. The oncologists believed there was no further therapy to help them, but that is simply not true.

We must not forget the emotional aspect of cancer either. I never would have believed this for many years; however, many cancers are also connected to trauma and emotional disturbances. That is why it is imperative to analyze the entire cascade of events that lead to cancer.

Sometimes it is after decades from a past trauma and sometimes it is an acute trauma, such as a recent death in the family. Even the loss of a pet can cause trauma, especially if that pet was a very special member of the family.

But let us look at the basics of the general detox for the cancer cell. According to Dr. M. Jhon of Korea, who wrote about hexagonal water and proved that in a tumor cell, the water was disturbed and no longer hexagonal. Why is the hexagonal concept so important? Hexagonal water in cells stabilizes the DNA. This was shown by the Helmholtz Institute. Dr. Jhon said the frequency to stabilize water was interrupted by certain metals, such as aluminum and fluoride.

According to his special measurements, the water in a healthy cell is 80% hexagonal, but in a tumor cell, it’s only 20%. This is why it is imperative, before any therapy is applied to a cancer patient, to start detoxing the cancer cells.

There are a myriad of contaminants affecting the water structure in tumors, including metals, fluoride, viruses, pathogens which disrupt the healthy frequency from the chromosomes that would normally help to structure the water.

So we start by helping the cancerous cells to eliminate the toxins and poisons and slowly allow them to either undergo apoptosis or heal by allowing the cell to become healthy again.

After we have begun to normalize the cell, we can start activating the immune system, using natural substances to block undesirable receptors or pathways, genes that are not healthy, and so on. It is not rocket science; that will come, and we are working on it, but it is proven solid science that works in most cancer patients to help them get well. Yes, CANCER IS REVERSIBLE!