“Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.” – Hippocrates


Many people have reversed their cancers after conventional medicine has failed. How did they do it? What was their secret?

They tapped into their body’s ability to heal itself. They used fresh, organic plant foods and herbs to help the body eliminate carcinogens and dangerous cells.

A cell can self-destruct when it knows it is ill. Or it can be activated to mutate and grow, thriving on a “diet” of cancer-activating compounds like red meat, plastics and pesticides. A healthy, balanced and immune-supported body can kick out these mutated cells.

So how do we TIp the scales in the right direction? 

We begin by eating organically, eliminating toxins and pesticides in our foods, and changing our body’s pH to alkaline by avoiding sugar, cow’s milk products and refined wheat flour.

These dietary changes aren’t enough. (We are mind, body and spirit, after all.) This is where meditation comes in, working to reverse stress, lower cortisol and encourage errant cells to die or leave the body.

And this is just a start. Detoxification is more than a popular buzzword; it’s a critical step in healing. Detox can be supported with zeolite or spirulina or chlorella. Detox can also be supported with saunas and exercise to sweat out toxins and allow our body to refresh itself.

Clean, filtered water is a crucial part of the healing process. (70% of our body weight is water after all.) If that water is contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals, plastics and fluoride, it will not be conducive to a healthy immune system and provide water’s fantastic healing effect.

Water in its healthy form is structured and in a hexagon form that binds easily on the DNA stabilizing it. Even our DNA can structure water. But according to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon in his book “Hexagonal Water”, tumor cells only have 20% structured water. Healthy cells have 80% structured hexagonal water.

Dr. Jhon showed how fluoride and metals like aluminum and mercury can de-structure water. That leaves cells unable to stabilize their DNA and they can rapidly divide. Hence why detoxification is so important.

Exercise not only releases stress but also lowers cancer growth factors like Vascular Endothelial Growth factor (VEGF) which allow a tumour to grow and spread. We lower VEGF with exercise.

Exercise also helps our immune system by increasing T- killer cells to fight tumour cells. (If you’re exercising out in nature, take the time to ground and be present. This too is part of the healing process.)

Last but not least, sunlight on our skin is essential for Vitamin D and fresh oxygen is important for our immune system and our body’s pH.

So do not despair and do not think you’re helpless. Much of our health lies in our own hands. This simple, practical approach to health has been done by many to prevent cancers and yes, even reverse them. You can do it too.

Prof Dr. D.F. Flavin