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We do not support particular products but research. Other foundations work hand-in-hand with companies, essentially providing research to test (and support) their products. They are about money. Our foundation is about lives.

Any donation to the CollMed Foundation helps to support further research in the areas of both conventional, complementary and combination treatments as well as sharing this critical wealth of information with our colleagues worldwide.

One of the essential advantages of combining conventional and complementary medicine? Complementary medicine often enhances the efficacy of conventional treatments, ensuring long-term health.

We teach patients to strengthen their own bodies, eliminate their own cancer so they can stay in remission and have a healthy, happy life.

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Donations may be general or specific to an area of interest. We are a 501(3)C nonprofit so all donations are tax deductible. Fill out a simple and secure online form to donate to CollMed.

Please consider making a donation today. Donations may be general or specific depending on the areas of interest for donors. We are a 501(3)C Non Profit – all donations are tax deductable.

Research Areas For Donations

 canRSBC: 101. Breast Cancer Metastases reversal study with boswellia:
Preliminary data has shown a complete disappearance of breast cancer brain metastases through the use of a lipoxygenase inhibitor, Boswellia, a natural plant substance that is known to help in primary brain cancers. We are presently planning a study in 30 patients with breast cancer and brain metastases to support the pilot studies.

RSL: 201. Leukemia – Reduction of chemo side effects without decreasing the efficacy of chemotherapy.
In pilot studies, we have seen a dramatic decrease in chemotherapy side effects (nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite) in adults. We are now planning a study with 30 children suffering from myelogenous and lymphatic leukemias for a confirmation on the effects of this natural therapy. Children’s lives are threatened by their inability to tolerate preliminary chemotherapy to allow for bone marrow transplantation. We have adopted procedures to eliminate this problem in adults and are preparing a protocol for children so that they can their leukemias can be reversed.

RSMs: 301. Multiple Sclerosis/Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis:
Recent data indicates that a parasite and/or bacteria may cause symptoms in MS and ALS. We wish to examine these patients with western blot and microscopic confirmation to confirm this data and create new treatments based on the results.

RSCI:401. Immune Suppression:
We are investigating the causes of immune suppression in cancer patients to identify bacteria, parasites and fungi that burden the immune system and thus facilitate tumor growth. Preliminary studies have indicated that the alleviation of these stressors can strengthen the patient’s defenses.

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The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research

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