The Role of Emotions in Healing.

Most conventional oncologists see the tumor, not the patient. They look at lab tests, do scans and measure tumor markers but often, they forget we are all human beings with hearts, emotions and feelings.

Any trauma can set off cancer in our body. That’s why the heart and emotions must first be healed before we can heal the body.

It is not an easy task to find emotional trauma; it becomes so hidden that patients themselves are not aware of how deep it is hiding in their subconscious. When this trauma lies deep in the past, an acute trauma can wake up Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and reactivate it. In other cases, an acute trauma itself can set the immune system in a downward spiral to allow cancer to grow.

What does stress do in our bodies? First, it activates the fight or flight reaction increasing stress hormones that lower our immune system and send messages to our cells to let go, to take off the brakes, and try to escape. This is when the immune system can no longer hold back the tumor cells and begins to replicate.

The reality is: we all have mutated cancer cells in our bodies, but usually, the immune system keeps them at bay. But what happens when a patient is so traumatized that he or she does not want to “fight” their cancer and does not want to live?

This is a huge dilemma and often patients seek a reason to feel sorry for themselves or to blame others, not realizing it is their own emotional rollercoaster that is keeping them from getting well.

How many patients could actually be healed by facing their demons and resolving the traumas in their lives? Many if not most of them. No, it’s not easy to look back in one’s life and find the trauma that started an odyssey in health destruction.

Cancer is nothing more than  trapped emotion surrounded by toxins and contamination.

The detoxification we often speak of is both emotional and physical. It is imperative to let go first of all the traumas and work on forgiving, letting go and looking ahead instead of looking back.

Getting rid of heavy metals, fungi and parasites is just as important as getting rid of anger, past hurts, rejections and disappointments. They all play a role and they all must be addressed to find health.

Each and every one of us has a burden to carry, but if we work together, we can overcome dormant traumas, forgive, forget and move ahead to a clear healthy future so that we can be healed and help others heal too.

That is our duty, our obligation to humankind: helping ourselves to help others.

Let your heart be healed, your spirit reborn and your health be restored so you can extend that love and health to others. That is our destiny.

Prof(hon) Dr. Dana F. Flavin, Dr. med univ, B.S.,N.D., M.S.