Since the heart and the brain are directly connected (according to recent studies in Physics), we need to see how that correlates to cancer recovery.

First and foremost we must want to get well and be willing to work at our own healing. It does not help to tell someone else: “Heal me.” Your doctors, naturopaths and therapists can only do so much, then the rest is up to you.  

We have to look at how we developed cancer in the first place. It could have many causes including: contamination, carcinogens, environment, pesticides, diet, lack of exercise, self-indulgence and (last, but not least) self-pity as well as stress and trauma. 

Was the heart broken somewhere along the way that ended up breaking the spirit?

This is where the healing begins. One must want to get well and be willing to take healing into one’s own control. Don’t expect to be able to leave the whole healing process to someone else. It is our life and our responsibility. 

Granted, this is not easy. It takes determination and self-discipline. Feeling like a victim is not conducive to healing yourself. As much as your doctors and therapists can offer, it is ultimately up to you to follow through by realizing YOU, in the long run, are your own doctor.

We can get remissions from pharmaceuticals, surgery, radiation and immunotherapy but to really heal, we need to go the extra distance by changing our lifestyle, our frame of mind and literally working at our own healing.

How little we knew of the importance of our own frame of mind in the direction of healing. The ability to let go of fear, to learn to laugh again, and to learn what love really is, is imperative in this healing process. We must learn to truly appreciate ourselves.

We need to be our own parents in the end, one who helps to discipline ourselves and change our lives by changing our diets, our mental state, and exercising daily to improve our health in general.

The addition of specific, nutrients, vitamins and natural support can only go so far unless we learn to fight for our own health. It is never too late to make the effort, the sacrifice and to have the self-discipline to work with our own body and our mind for the will to live. We need the determination to fight for our own lives.

It begins and ends in our own hands, but you are not alone. Many are on the same path so no self-pity allowed! Positive thinking, positive efforts and a positive lifestyle are all essential to changing your health and your future.

Get Well, Be Well and Stay Well!

Trust in God… and Trust in Yourself.