By Dr. Dana Flavin

You may or may not like heavy metal music but I’m sure you don’t like heavy metals in your body, right?

Heavy metals such as mercury lower the immune system and can lead to autoimmune diseases. Lead and aluminum also affect our immune system, including our brains, creating “brain fog”, making us less alert and productive.

Metals are also dangerous and often precursors for future diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or cancer. Metals go into tumor cells and help tumors to grow. 

We are constantly bombarded with metals in our canned foods and water as well as from fillings in our teeth that are made of quicksilver. With time, these fillings began to leach out their mercury (quicksilver) and damage our immune systems and our brains.

Getting rid of unwanted metals in your body is imperative and helps get you healthy and keep you healthy. 

So how do we detox form heavy metals? There are many ways.  

One is by taking zeolite, which binds to metals in the GI tract. Another way is by taking coriander in the morning and chlorella in the afternoon. Coriander binds the heavy metals and brings them into the liver circulation. Chlorella gets them out and brings them into the gut to eliminate them.  

Also certain foot baths helps to remove many metals (but be sure to take trace minerals to replace the good minerals that might also be removed).

Last but not least, exercise! They say a woman does not sweat, she glows! Regardless, exercise and sweating help both men and women detox and look better.

So there you go: some simple, easy steps to take heavy metals out of your life. (Heavy metal music is infinitely better for you!)