DFFLAVIN 11/31/2020 © Copyright 2020 Dr. Dana Flavin

Having looked at structures and their functions in the past the visions were simple, a structure or form has dimensions and has been displayed in teachings as one dimensional, and stationery.

But this is not how the world works. Structures are in constant fluctuation and movement. They send off frequencies that are part of our daily existence. They are constantly moving, if not on the outside, at least on the inside. The early teachings of a hexagon or phenol ring, were that it had two forms, a boat form and a chair form. No one realized then that it had much more than that. It was spinning and sending off frequencies from its rotational, moving parts.

An electron does not stand still and neither do frequencies. The hexagon form is everywhere. It is in the pyramids structure, the star of David and much more. These are all forms of the same amazing structure that is an essential part of our lives.

Water is the source of our energy and our ability to live a healthy life. Water is a liquid crystal made up of structures in constant movement. The most stable form of water is the hexagonal form. It is created by hydrophilic surfaces, but not at a surface that is hydrophobic. Our bodies are almost all hydrophilic surfaces at healthy membranes and even our healthy DNA.

It is no surprise that water along a hydrophilic surface creates hydrogen and acts like a battery on our membranes. The hexagonal form stabilizes the center of our lives, DNA and adds the structure to its form.

But much more than that, the hydrophilic surface on the DNA is giving our body the energy from hydrogen. In fact, at every healthy membrane of our body, there is a hydrophilic surface helping to make hydrogen from water and keeping water structured. The frequencies from our DNA, its chromosomes, when they are healthy, send off frequencies that also help structure water. Apparently, it may be 528 Hz, the same frequency as the ancient Gregorian chant and ancient chanting in different cultures and religions.

Mae Wan Ho’s book, Living Rainbow H2O, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon’s book, The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key and Prof Pollack’s excellent work, The Fourth Phase of Water, are just a few examples of books that give us an insight into the complexity and yet simplicity of water.

When it is structured, it carries information. Montagnier has shown that water has memory. Prof Popp showed Photons in living systems when he cut a leaf and it gave off light. Is hexagonal water also working with photons? After all, a photon is a particle and a wave. Hexagonal water is certainly carrying frequencies or waves, and keeping our bodies free of pathogens and toxins, (by walling them off), creating H+ and giving us energy.

However, as Dr. Jhon pointed out, when water is not structured, health deteriorates. There is less and less H+ being formed and the frequencies can be scattered instead of helping to keep our bodies in a functioning healthy existence. He showed how aluminum dramatically de-structures water and so does fluoride.

Where is water no longer structured at a high percent? Cancer cells. Their DNA is therefore unstable since the water is unstable. The Helmholtz institute says that water is responsible for the chiral form of DNA, but I assume they meant structure hexagonal water. Without the stability of structured water, the DNA is unstable and directed to replicate. Additionally, there is less and less H+ stability and energy, in the cancer cells.

In general, the cancer cell oscillates slower and the frequencies are lower and not conducive to stability nor to keeping its liquid content of water, structured or hexagonal. Only 20 % of Cancer cells water is structured as opposed to healthy cells where it is 80% structured. This affects the ability of cancer cells to stabilize and enhances their need to escape and replicate. The frequencies and most likely photons are not carried in cancer cells, like they are in structured water. It is therefore a need for the cell to escape.

What is missing and how can we change it? As I see it, in order to carry frequencies for a healthy cell we need to eliminate any heavy metals, toxins and pathogens in our bodies that would scatter frequencies, and reestablish the structured water and/or add H+. We need to also decrease Deuterium in our water and our bodies, as it interferes with the H+. Silver helps to structure water, as does calcium and zinc and even crystals, as they use in some Ayurveda therapies, grinding up the crystals and letting their hydrophilic surfaces make more hydrogen and more structured water in the GI tract. As one sees, there are many substances that can help to re-establish a healthier cell. The H+ in structured water gives us healthy energy and activity, like a human battery or hydrogen generator and it is increased from frequencies and/or hydrophilic surface membranes and on the healthy DNA hydrophilic surface.

When we investigated “Healing Wells” in countries we found silver, silica and germanium in the water. I suspect it was structured and also high in H+ and low in Deuterium.

There is much work to be done to utilize this H+ system of hexagonal water and improve health, heal diseases and make a simple form of energy utilizing our basic need in our planet, healthy, structured water.