How to Protect Your Liver

It’s not unusual for the liver to develop metastases in cancer. This can be seen in lab data and often in a PET scan. Fortunately, this is reversible and requires support to protect the liver. We monitor liver enzymes, ferritin levels, and CRP inflammatory factors.

Ferritin is often elevated in cancer as it sends iron to tumor cells. Normally, ferritin is supposed to be elevated in inflammation to help destroy pathogens, but in cancer, it actually feeds the tumor. Tumors grow with iron.

Additionally, ferritin steals iron from red blood cells, causing anemia in cancer patients. Ferritin can be lowered with oral milk thistle capsules and wheatgrass given via colonics, which is very helpful for the liver. Colonics, in general, can detox the liver.

Alpha lipoic acid can reverse liver damage and cirrhosis. This sulfur compound protects the liver. Another helpful nutrient is N-acetyl cysteine, also a sulfur compound that aids liver protection. Sulfur-rich foods are beneficial as well. These include onions, garlic, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. They help heal the liver and work against cancer cells.

For the gallbladder, we often include Tudca, a bile salt and artichokes to help heal the organ and prevent backup in the liver.

In Germany, a traditional naturopathic therapy uses a cabbage poultice over the liver with a towel and hot water bottle to draw out toxins accumulated in the liver from cancer or other toxicities, including alcohol or age-related factors.

Regardless of the cause, love your liver. It can save your life!