This story begins back in 1979 when my roommate, Dr. Betsy Reed was working in Bob Gallo’s laboratory on HIV at the National Cancer Institute. Betsy would come back to the house after work exasperated, complaining that her lymphocytes would “explode” under the microscope when she put in the HIV virus. They tried everything but they kept lysing every time the virus was put into the Petri dish with the lymphocytes.

Then her lab partner Mica had the idea to use cancer cells from hepatomas. These cells do not have any oxygen radicals. They added the HIV virus and guess what happened? Nothing, to their surprise. The cells grew the virus and did not “explode”. This was the first time the HIV virus was grown in their lab. No one knew why the hepatoma cells could allow the HIV to replicate without toxicity. This I found out later from my own research. The hepatoma cells do not make a toxic product because they don’t have the ability to generate the enzymes, or their radical products, that are responsible for cell lyses. It is because hepatoma cells are low in oxygen that they didn’t have the toxicity and therefore, the HIV could replicate without destroying the cell as it did in non-cancerous lymphocytes.

In the meanwhile, I had been researching out oxygen radicals years before the HIV story and was part of a group at NCI where we would wear a button for fun that read: “Let’s Get Radical”. At the time, I was looking into the oxygen radical generating enzymes and how they worked in diseases, particularly Viruses. I began to see that one enzyme was one of the major oxygen radical generating enzyme for many inflammatory conditions, including reperfusion in blood vessels, inflammation in general, and viral diseases. Xanthine Oxidase was its name. It was amazing how many diseases had this enzyme Autism, Alzheimers, Arthritis and more.

Then in 1994, I made a remarkable discovery: the enzyme Xanthine oxidase as working together with a second enzyme called Inducible Nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). This second enzyme generated a gas called nitric oxide and lo and behold, the two created a horrendously toxic product, Peroxynitrite.

I wrote an article called “A Common Enemy” and published it in the New Zealand Medical Journal. Then 3 months later, I had a patient with EBV hepatosplenomegaly, a little boy of only 5 years of age. The father, also a physician, was desperate. The child had been ill for over three weeks and they were afraid the virus would rupture his spleen and he could bleed to death. The father asked me if I could help him. I said, “ I just published my theory three months ago, but we can try.”

We treated him with my combination therapy that blocked the XO and the iNOS. The child was back to normal in 24 hours. We were all more than surprised. It was like a miracle. I later wrote an article on Reversing hepatosplenomegaly in EBV, and published it in the New Zealand Journal of Medicine. After that initial success, I had dozens of virally infected children that responded to my therapy in 24-48 hours saving their lives and curing their virus infection.

After that success, my local Pharmacist called me and asked me if I could help a man in the hospital with HIV who had a lung infection and it looked bad for him. I gave him a therapy like the one I had given the little boy with the viral infection, assuming both enzymes were playing a role in developing AIDS. A few weeks later, I phoned the Pharmacist and asked his status. Her answer: “he’s doing so well he is now on a cruise with his wife in the Mediterranean.”

It was then that it dawned on me the reason that HIV lysed the lymphocytes years earlier in Gallos’ lab was indeed my two enzymes, XO and iNOS. No one knew that at the time. After these successes, I began to block these two enzymes in all viral diseases and raise the immune system to release interferon and have been able to successfully reverse the diseases, one after another in our viral infected patients including Influenza, Hepatitis, Herpes and many more. Additionally, by blocking these enzymes in all inflammatory diseases we have a relief of symptoms in patients from all sorts of diseases including even autoimmune diseases.

In conclusion: Is it possible to stop HIV from developing into AIDS and prevent the lysing of the lymphocytes. The answer is most likely yes. And can we reverse AIDS, were we to block these two enzymes, since the lymphocytes regrow every month? My answer: it may be possible to prevent AIDS from developing and it may be able to reverse it.

Time will tell us more. For now, at least, we have a direction to go and more patient’s lives may be saved by using this remarkable discovery and applying it to more patients and more research. An exciting future awaits us in our valuable work to save lives!

So far, a Happy Ending!

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Prof(hon) Dr. Dana F. Flavin, Dr. med univ.,M.S.