A Letter to a Recent Patient:

I’m like an engineer, taking a destroyed building and learning every nook and cranny, every nut and bolt, with the intention to rebuild. This is the pharmacology, nutrition, and medicine.

First, I clean the building and rid it of all the garbage so that the building can be properly repaired. This is the detoxification process, to clean up the fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and more that weigh our systems down.

Then I rebuild the walls with healthy nutrition and exercise to stabilize the building. This provides a structure upon which to further strengthen the inside and outside.

I clean the windows so that one can see both inside and out. This is the pure water and fluids needed for the body to work optimally.

But that’s still not enough. I open the windows and let in oxygen, releasing the poisonous gases like stress and fear and shifting the pH to a healthy one.

What’s missing? The light! Light is the spirit of hope we send to our minds and bodies. It’s what displays the building in all of its glory. The building could be the soundest one in the world but without the suffusion of light, it remains in the dark.

There’s an old expression: “Darkness cannot disperse the light, but light can disperse the darkness.”

My intention is not to simply provide a recipe for wellness but uncover the spirit underneath. It’s that spirit, that light that’s more magnificent, more powerful than any medicine or nutritional program I could create. It’s the force of life itself.

Dr. Dana Flavin


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