by Dr. Dana Flavin

The best health workers we have in our bodies are our GI bacteria. Those little critters can make or break our health. They ward off fat, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and so much more.  

Sometimes we don’t even know when we’re not healthy. We often mistakenly think if we don’t suffer from GI upsets, diarrhea or constipation, we’re fine, right?

Well, it isn’t enough!

You still need to maintain those millions, no trillions, of bacteria in your body. Those bacteria are trying to help you every day. They form biofilms from your mouth to their exit point in the bathroom.

So how can you change your gut bacteria so it works optimally for you? Is the answer fecal transplants, like they are doing in some hospitals to fight killer bacteria like C.difs? Is it colonics to get rid of the bacteria all together. Or antibiotics?

Heck no, it’s eating right.  

Yes, we can  also do colonics a few times a week in the beginning of a diet change to get the whole system moving. Then its time to start replacing those bad bacteria with good probiotics.

The good probiotics are the ones with many strains of Bifidum bacteria and Lactobacilis. These are found in organic (and I stress organic) fruits and vegetables, as pesticides and antibiotics kill off the good bacteria.

What about milk products? Cow’s milk products often contain antibiotics and their pasteurizing takes away the good bacteria we need in our bodies. Sheep and goat yogurt can be fantastic to replace the good bacteria, especially non-pasteurized. (Did you know in Eastern Europe where they eat and drink non-pasteurized milk from sheep and goat, they don’t have any Morbus Crohn GI disease?)  

And what about losing weight?

Some bacteria causes you to lose weight! Bacteriodetes are the good guys. They are increased by high fiber foods, like beans, grapefruit, apples, red and black berries.

Beans are also really good for this purpose. Lentils and pinto beans, for example, help to alkalinize the body and increase the good bacteria to keep you healthy and help you lose weight.  

Isn’t that amazing? Our gut bacteria can save or kill us and it’s up to us to do the right thing by them.

What else can we do to maintain and grow our healthy gut bacteria?

Destress, (stress increases the fat causing bacteria), cut down on fat, cut out refined sugar and avoid refined carbs. Go natural. A smoothie with a natural goat or sheep yogurt with fresh or frozen berries (organic of course) can really jump start the good bacteria in your body for a great breakfast.

Beans at night can increase your good bacteria and cause you to lose weight. If you have problems at first with gas, go slow and gradually increase them in your diet. Gassy problems will go away as the good bacteria take over to make you thin, beautiful and healthy…and keep you healthy.


Poop Right, Get Healthy and be Beautiful !