Recently it was announced that CNN founder Ted Turner is battling Lewy body dementia, a progressive brain disorder that affects memory as well as other cognitive functions.

The core problem in all deteriorating neurological diseases, whether if it’s Parkinson’s, LBD or Alzheimer’s, is all the same: neuro-inflammation.

With our present knowledge. we can not only stop the disease, but potentially reverse the damage to help repair the brain. We know from Neuropharmacology that the brain is very neuroplastic, meaning it can change and repair itself.

However, without stopping the inflammation, the brain won’t be able to reverse disease. Therefore stopping the inflammation is first and foremost.

The million-dollar question: Where does the inflammation start?

Basically, microglia creates inflammation. We don’t know if it’s caused by pathogens, pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals in our food and our environment. Or if for some, it’s truly genetic. It’s very possible that many of these factors play a role in the development of all types of dementia.

One of the things I learned over 40 years ago, when I began in Neuropharmacology and later into general medicine, is that for almost every synthetic drug we came up with for any disease, there are natural compounds in herbs and nutrients that could do the same thing.

The problem: these natural remedies don’t make a lot money for anyone and individual compounds are not effective enough. We forgot one main point: “united we stand” or in other words, by combining these anti-inflammatory herbs and nutrients (and even some off-label drugs) we can stop the inflammation in the brain, and then by adding neurotransmitter precursors, or preventing their breakdown, we can start shifting the environment in the brain to allow removal of Lewy bodies, plaques, tau proteins and other inhibiting bodies to activate the regrowth of these essential neurons.

The prevention of dementia is totally possible as is the reversal of dementia with a combination of diet, nutrients supplements, detoxification and even an off-label drug or two. Some of the pharmaceutical medications can be helpful for a while, but often they are only limited in their efficacy.

I prefer to use natural science to decrease the inflammation, block the inflammasomes from the microglia activating inflammatory pathways such as the new researched, NLRP3 toxicity.

We need to break down the amyloid plaques, the tau proteins and/or the Lewy bodies by using natural non-toxic substances in combination which has been shown in research to be effective. Therefore the synergistic use of combination nutrient support is essential.

This data will be in our new book, Helping Yourself in Neurological Diseases where all the substances are further explained. We’ll explain a natural way to reverse and prevent dementia regardless if it’s from Lewy Body disease, Alzheimer’s disease or even Parkinson’s disease. Let us help Ted Turner and many others to have a healthy future.

Prof(hon) Dr. Dana F. Flavin,Dr. med univ, M.S.