The toxicity of spike proteins which cause lung damage and blood vessel dyscrasias can be inhibited by the following inhibitors of furin, serine proteases, NFKappa B and AP-1/cFos via MAPK activation and IL6. Additionally, the mRNA injections increase IL6 and also contribute to the cytokine storm that can be deadly, as seen in the animal models.

Spike Protein Inhibitors:

Prunella vulgaris 10-15 mg /day, can be 2-3 x/day.

Pine needles (white pine or Blue Ridge Mountain pine) tea 3x/day/star anise

Emodin: 500 mg 2 x/day

Additional: N-acetylcysteine 200 mg/day

IL6 inhibitors:

Andrographis  paniculata 250 m-500 mg 2 x/day

Boswellia serrata 500 mg 2 x/day

General IL6 inhibitors:

Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa)

Curcumin, Fish oil, Cinnamon

Fisetin (Flavinoid) 100 mg/day

Apigenin (in parsley)



Luteolin (oranges, broccoli, carrrots, celery and green peppers) (parsley peppermint, rosemary, oregano) peanut hulls). Anti-inflammatory and also works in the brain

Vit D3

Zinc, Magnesium

Jasmine Tea

Spices (bayleaves, black pepper, nutmeg, sage)

General Furin Inhibitors:

Rutin (in buckwheat) Japanese pagoda tree and eucalyptus, lime tree flowers, elderberry flowers, rue, Gingko, apples

Limonene in lemon and orange peels

Baicalein (scutellaria baicalensis and lateriflora)


Serine Protease inhibitors

Green tea, Potatoes tubers, Blue-green algae, soybeans (organic), N-acetylcysteine, Boswellia


– Prof(hon) Dr. med univ, D. F. Flavin,