From the husband of Dr. Flavin’s patient with ovarian cancer:

“Hi Dana. Bloodwork came back today. All values back within normal range. CA125 is now down to 303 from peak off 11.660, so a 97% drop and a 40% drop from last cycle! The oncologist was very surprised at performance and response to the chemo (Carboplatin, 6 rounds).”


Dr. Flavin’s response:

“You see, carbo and cisplatin are not too bad IF the patients are on DCA, Metformin and curcumin (as they protect against the stem cells from being released) and they also enhance the weakness of the tumor cells and block the cancer stem cells.


If one gets carbo or cis without the nutrients and off-label support, they only hit the sensitive cells and leave 20% resistant cells (or more) and spread the tumor to other organs, as the stem cells are not damaged by the chemo. They live on to create future tumors.


Do you understand the rationale now? It’s complicated; 40 years of research on my part and more literature than any colleague has ever read. It’s a passion and a great responsibility to save a life. I must know what I am doing. If I make a mistake, they are dead. Most colleagues just follow the hospital protocol since then they are not responsible, even when the patient dies from the therapy.


This is a lifetime of work. The detox is imperative: parasites over longer time, heavy metals, fungi and bacteria. Many of the herbs work at this level and some off-label drugs like mebendazole for parasites and even apricot seeds are toxic to the parasites.


Many herbs are antiviral too. The diet changes the environment and that helps stop the tumor growth too. With or without chemo, detox is imperative.

Prof Dr. Dana F. Flavin, Dr. med univ, M.S. <>