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I went to have my last check-up (mammogram and echogram) before surgery planned for September 8. The lump had been around 4.5 cm in January and it reduced to almost a half in May. On August 18th, THE ECHOGRAM COULD DETECT NO TUMOR!!! ????????✨???? THE TUMOR IS NOT THERE ANY LONGER!!!

Good news, eh??

Jane S.

Hi Dr Flavin,

I saw my oncologist yesterday. He was very pleased when he looked at my chest. He last saw me early January and my chest looked absolutely horrific at that point, bleeding open wounds, he was rather upset, and my bloodwork showed that my tumor marker numbers were going up.

This time, he could see that my chest has been healing, no bleeding wounds and the bloodwork shows the tumor marker numbers are going back down. I’m certainly not out of the woods, but finally, it appears this monstrous cancer is pulling back.

This could be just a temporary reprieve, who knows, but I am thankful that I found you. He knows about all the supplements you’ve had me taking, and of course he turns his nose up at it, though I’ve told him that you are getting good results, he can think what he wants, but I doubt that his cancer drugs alone would have achieved these results in two months.

It almost looks like my tumors (there are dozens)are drying up and fading away. He was amazed, he said he thinks we’re killing the cancer. I’ve never seen him so animated. He said he was happy and asked if I’m happy? I said “happy” is not an emotion I’m familiar with any more, and besides, I don’t trust this. Sure, I’m really glad it has gotten better but who knows how long it will last. He said he can appreciate that.

Back to the LDN: once again I asked him for the Rx. Once again, he hesitated and said he has to look into it, which is what he said a couple of weeks ago when I called his office with this request. His problem is he says he needs data to show how LDN improves cancer outcomes or something to that effect. I told him I believe the data is there – you just need to look for it.

He did say that the oncology practice just hired a new Doctor of Pharmacy which he is quite happy about; he said he’s going to give this to her and have her evaluate this and tell him what she thinks. So that’s something.

I still do not have the LDN but we’ll see what happens. I also asked him if this oncology practice might think about evolving into an integrative oncology practice.

I felt like saying “Your cancer drugs are not doing the trick, Doc. If you REALLY want to help people, you should be adding other treatment modalities.” But I held my tongue. He said the practice is already starting to do some things that they haven’t done before, though he did not elaborate.

So often with these doctors, you get a lot of lip service but there does not seem to be any progress over the long run. Of course, you already know that.

Sorry for the long email, though I suspect you are a fast reader. Thank you Dr Flavin, I don’t think I would have received any good news at all yesterday if it were not for your help. Bless you!



The tumors have disappeared. 

I hope this email finds you well. It has been quite some time since we last spoke, but I am happy to report I am doing quite well.

The tumors in my lung, brain, liver and skeleton have either disappeared, reduced in size, and overall stable. Specifically, there are no tumors in my liver, and most of the metastasis in my brain has disappeared or is tiny. CT scans reveal that my skeleton is stable and healing. The tumor in my lung has shrunken 40%.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.


The pain is gone. 

Good day Dr. Flavin,

I wish you a lovely, non-gloomy day.

Well, I think our conversation did several things besides give me more information I was looking for. It also gave me…hope. After our conversation, my pain began to ease. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me, but now, a few days later, it is nearly nonexistent except some residual soreness. I know of phantom pain, and other strange mind/body things that can happen, this seems quite odd. This hope continued into the next day.

My black cloud that was encroaching ever tighter and giving me a feeling of utter despair was also nearly gone. I went into those scans on Friday still with the hope. And, unbelievably, the scans were clear! My husband and I sobbed together.

All that pain! Psychosomatic. You had suspected so though I had a hard time believing it as it truly felt like it was in my bones, my ribs hurt. I walked around professing God’s and your name for several days. Hopefully, more emotional work will take care of the emotional stress for good.

Thank you for all the information you shared.


You are a gift to the world. 

 After my first appointment with professor Dr Flavin, I could tell she was someone that genuinely cares about her patients and had the knowledge, experience and spiritual awareness that enables her to look at cancer treatment from every possible angle and holistically treat each patient as an individual. 

Her knowledge of cancer is unrivaled and not only does she give you the confidence and knowledge to beat this disease, she sees cancer as more of a nuisance than a life-threatening illness. That’s how confident she is in her abilities, and rightly so!  Talking with her is a genuine delight and she is always there to answer questions you have. 

Dr. Flavin needs to be awarded a Nobel Prize, and whilst I can’t grant that, I can happily give a testimonial to say you will not be disappointed in a consultation with her, she is the lifeline that could literally help save your life and I am so very pleased and grateful that I managed to find her, she is the reason I am now NED!

I will remain eternally grateful for all your assistance Dr. Flavin and look forward to reading your book once it is finished! You are a true gift to this world.


The cancer didn’t spread. 

I’m Daniela, the pharmacist from Romania. I’m happy to let you know that my sister, diagnosed in December 2019 with triple negative breast cancer, Stage 2b is very well, the cancer didn’t spread. She took for almost a year of  500 mg x 3 cimetidina  200 mg x 2 for 4 months, then 400 mg x 2 boswellia. She took for some months curcumin (she gave up because of strong headaches), sodium selenite, dypiridamol, vitamin d3, zinc, niacinamide. She also took turkey tail for six months. Thank you so much because she is so well, physically and mentally. God bless you.

Our dad lived longer thanks to you. 

You helped my father beat his bowel cancer in 2005. He only died at the beginning of this year at the age of almost 88 (and not of cancer). I place a lot of hope in your help. Many greetings from Herrsching am Ammersee

the best christmas present ever.

My Dear Dr. Dana,

It’s almost Christmas.
The season of thanksgiving and love.
Even on the streets of Japan, you can hear Christmas songs.

I have received two gifts from God this year.
One, I got to know Dr. Dana. I have never met anyone with such a noble heart and love for people as you. This alone is a great blessing.

And then a miracle happened.
Thanks to your teachings, I was able to help a 22-year-old cancer patient.
We were able to help her faster than anyone could believe.

Her father and I are friends.
His work was not going well and he was struggling to pay for his hospital bills, so he turned to me.

I recommended he follow the diet and take ABM Boost, as you taught me. (Of course I did it for free.)
Today, two weeks later, he contacted me.
She was diagnosed as cancer-free by the doctor. Only three weeks after the doctor diagnosed her with cervical cancer, the cancer disappeared. Is there any other miracle like this?

It was your advice that made this miracle happen.
Even if ABM Boost had been effective, this miracle would not be possible had not taught me about the diet.

From a friend, thank you thank you, thank you!
I am so happy. I pray for God’s blessing on you.

Merry Christmas Dr. Dana????????!

Best wishes, Ann.


The CT showed no sign of disease in neck, lymph, lung! 

Hi Dana, hope you’re well. Just wanted to update you with recent scan results, mostly looking good! The CT showed no sign of disease in neck, lymph, lung. The liver met has shrunk from 3cm to 1.1cm! However it commented that there was a ‘stable’ 4cm tumour on my right ovary, but it’s never been reported before, so odd that they referred to it as stable. Oncologist checked with radiologist- and it turns out it was there on earlier scan from March but they’d not reported it. In hindsight that’s probably a blessing as it would have just been more for me to worry about.

Best wishes, Ann.


Yesterday was Dan’s 72nd birthday, what a GIFT!

Happy new year to you dearest Dr. Flavin, our wonderful, insightful, brilliant, kind, caring  “Guru of healing”! We are so  filled with gratitude for everything you have done for us. 2019 was a year filled with changes and challenges, and also blessings and healing.

Yesterday was Dan’s 72nd birthday, what a GIFT!  It fills me with joy to hear him say that he feels better now than before he was diagnosed. We know that you are guiding us on a lifelong journey of discovering and utilizing every resource that is needed for his body to heal itself.

Seems the new buzzword is “detox.” You were right!!!


Stage IV lung cancer with brain metastasis after only a few months on Dr. Flavin’s therapy

”Mum had her monthly appointment at UCLH and she has been told that the brain tumour is no longer detectable on the scan. Great news! She was advised that it may still be present within the cells but that nothing can be seen on the scan. In terms of her lungs, the tumours remain stable.”

Anita L.

I’ve put on some weight – 7 lbs in the last month/6 weeks

First of all, I’ll share with you the good news: I’ve put on some weight – 7 lbs in the last month/6 weeks. I am so delighted and I’m getting stronger too. I can see it in my body. Second, just got results of the latest scan last week. My bones are continuing to regenerate themselves which means more improvement which is just great!! I am so thrilled and as always want to thank you.


Next month is 24 months since diagnosis. Praise God!! Thanks for all you do.

Hi Doctor Flavin,

I hope you are well, safe and in good spirits. I just finished “scan month.” I had an MRI of the brain, CT of chest, pelvis, abdomen.

My oncologist is happy. I would say the body is radically reduced and stable. The brain has 5 spots in the exact location of the treated tumors from 2018. They attribute that to the radiation effects of treatment. I am feeling good.

I just want to say I fully believe your protocol, Alecensa [an oral drug that blocks the activity of anaplastic lymphoma kinase and is used to treat non-small-cell lung cancer] and Penn Medicine by the power of God, saved my life. Thank you!

Next month is 24 months since diagnosis. Praise God!! Thanks for all you do. You are directly on target with your method, in my humble opinion.



My lung cancer has reduced by 25%

Hi Doc,

My lung cancer has reduced by 25% which he seems very happy with. My brain spots down from 20 to 5.1 mm and getting radiation until Friday. What do you think of this outcome???

Best regards,


undoubtedly one of the worlds greatest cancer specialists

Dr Dana Flavin is undoubtedly one of the worlds greatest cancer specialists and a beautiful human light being. She has been an inspiration to so many cancer patients and also responsible for their cancer elimination.

We at The Organic Institute are grateful for her support.

The Organic Institute

the protocol started already working despite the fact she has only been on it for a short period of time

Hi Dr. Flavin:

I thought to share with you some great news we received today. We still didn’t have the chance to speak with my mom’s oncologist but based on the conclusion of the pet scan, we believe that is a great response and I thought to share it with you first.

Attached is a screenshot of the fourth pet scan mom did yesterday on March 16, 2020. The conclusion says that mom showed a significant reduction of size in both the primary tumor (now 5.7 vs 13.4) and the met in the left hepatic lobe (6.1 vs 15.8). 

I know she has been on your protocol for only 1 month but I read in the conclusion that that not only it’s a reduction in size but also in the FDG activity which, based on my understanding, measures the metabolism of the cancerous cells. I want to believe that we are the right track and the protocol started already working despite the fact she has only been on it for a short period of time and it is not just the chemo. Could it be just that?

Thanks for everything, we’re praying to God everyday that we are guided and put on the right track.


my pet scan showed my BC tumour shrunk by 40%

Dear Dana,

just wanted to let you know that my pet scan showed my BC tumour shrunk by 40% and the cancer is gone from my 2 lymph nodes. Yaaaay!

Wishing you Merry Christmas and lots of love. ❤️


stage 3 colon cancer with lymph metastasis and liver metastasis

“We bring very happy news for you today  Richard’s liver MRI was clear and CEA marker at 1.2!

We are extremely grateful for all your help, Dr. Flavin.”


one lymph metastases has completely disappeared

The metastates has slowed down and have not grown at all. In fact, the one lymph metastases has completely disappeared. Sacrum, fettgewerbe have remained constant. Three mini small punkte are still in lungs. All in all, good news!

Thanks so much,


the great news is that most of the tumours [Melanoma IV] have decreased in size (some by half!)

Hi Dana! I just met with my oncologist to go through my latest scan results and the great news is that most of the tumours [Melanoma IV] have decreased in size (some by half!) and there’s been no progression. I’ve attached the report for your interest. We’re all so happy here with the news and thank you for your help so far…let’s keep on going!

THANK YOU. A number of consultants, doctors, surgeons and senior nursing staff have all been intrigued with my approach to ovarian cancer and now my recovery from this majority operation. They can’t believe how well my body has dealt with it and how well I look. Most of which is thanks to you and your regime.

Oh I asked about all my blood tests–all now within normal range.



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