Embracing a diverse, rainbow diet is essential for maintaining youth and overall health. Take for example tart cherries which are rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids and other compounds known for their pain-relief and anti-cancer properties. 

Scientific studies reveal that the consumption of fresh or concentrated (sugar-free) cherry products, including juices or capsules, can effectively reduce inflammation in various groups, such as elderly individuals, obese individuals, diabetics, patients with cardiac diseases, and those fighting cancer.

In fact, cherries exhibit remarkable healing and detoxifying properties in the context of chronic illnesses. Opting for organic cherries is crucial to ensure the preservation of their benefits by avoiding potential pesticide-related drawbacks.

Cherries play a vital role in protecting against oxygen radical damage caused by the enzyme Xanthine oxidase. This enzyme is not only associated with gout but is also implicated in several other debilitating chronic diseases.

Make cherries a part of your daily routine to harness the natural health support they provide.



– Prof. Dr. Flavin