The Do’s for Cancer Prevention:

  1. Sleep with your head to the North, as magnetic fields from the North have been shown to inhibit tumor growth.

  2. Be mindful of geopathic disturbances, avoiding sleeping over curry lines or underground water streams.

  3. Keep away from electrical outlets and wires under your bed.

  4. Opt for spring-free mattresses, as they may enhance the transmission of negative underground currents.

  5. Wear pure silver or gold jewelry; avoid costume jewelry and aluminum deodorant.

  6. Turn off WiFi at night and consider placing shungite in front of units to reduce electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.

  7. Keep cell phones turned off, away from your body, and use air tube headphones to protect your brain during calls.

  8. Use red or pink lights in the bedroom at night to preserve melatonin production.

  9. Engage in regular exercise, preferably in nature, and explore techniques like EMDR or follow Joe Dispenza’s methods to detox from emotional disturbances.

  10. Watch funny movies, read humorous books, and avoid dwelling on cancer to maintain a positive mindset.

  11. Listen to Gregorian chants and sing to raise vibrations and structure water in your body.

  12. Ground yourself by hugging a tree, walking on grass without socks, or using an oak board under your feet when sitting.

The Don’ts for Cancer Prevention:

  1. Avoid sleeping with your head to the south, as it may increase tumor growth.

  2. Steer clear of geopathic disturbances, electrical outlets, and wires around your bed.

  3. Refrain from using spring mattresses, costume jewelry, and aluminum deodorant.

  4. Turn off WiFi at night, and keep cell phones away from your body.

  5. Restrict blue or white lights in the bedroom at night, favoring red or pink.

  6. Avoid dwelling on cancer; focus on positive activities like watching funny movies or reading humorous books.

  7. Abstain from red meat, pork, chicken, turkey, and limit alcohol consumption.

  8. Emphasize organic foods and eliminate non-organic items, cows’ milk products, white flour, and sugar from your diet.

  9. Consume sauerkraut or kimchi for GI bacteria and incorporate broccoli sprouts for sulfuraphanes.

  10. Choose filtered water without metals or fluoride, as fluoride may damage cellular frequencies.

  11. Include anticancer foods in your diet, such as figs, red grapes, tangerines, eggplant, cruciferous vegetables, carrots, papaya, and mango.

  12. Practice daily juicing with carrots, celery, red beet, ginger, parsley, and a dash of virgin olive oil, along with boswellia and curcumin for absorption.

  13. Visualize your tumor disappearing; maintain a positive outlook on your healing journey.

Let’s prioritize our health and well-being. Let’s empower ourselves instead of giving it away. Let’s get well, one step at a time!