My Dear Dr. Dana,

It’s almost Christmas.
The season of thanksgiving and love.
Even on the streets of Japan, you can hear Christmas songs.

I have received two gifts from God this year.
One, I got to know Dr. Dana. I have never met anyone with such a noble heart and love for people as you. This alone is a great blessing.

And then a miracle happened.
Thanks to your teachings, I was able to help a 22-year-old cancer patient. We were able to help her faster than anyone could believe.

Her father and I are friends.
His work was not going well and he was struggling to pay for his hospital bills, so he turned to me.

I recommended he follow the diet and take ABM Boost, as you taught me. (Of course, I did it for free.)

Today, two weeks later, he contacted me.
She was diagnosed as cancer-free by the doctor. Only three weeks after the doctor diagnosed her with cervical cancer, the cancer disappeared. Is there any other miracle like this?

It was your advice that made this miracle happen.
Even if ABM Boost had been effective, this miracle would not be possible had not taught me about the diet.

From a friend, thank you thank you, thank you!
I am so happy. I pray for God’s blessing on you.

Merry Christmas Dr. Dana????????!

Best wishes, Ann.