What could be more important than saving a life of a war hero and a man of honor? Saving the life of anyone with glioblastoma. This post contains the latest research that has been proven to help prolong their lives.   

Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with a glioblastoma but do his physicians know that there is an adjuvant therapy that may save his life and prolong remission for him?

It’s methadone!

Who would ever think an opiate could actually help in cancer? The latest research from the University of Ulm has shown that not only in vitro, but in patients, methadone can actually prolong the duration of therapy used in glioblastoma, such as Temador or doxorubicin.

The use of methadone is keeping glioblastoma patients in remission for very long periods of time. It’s new and is already working on patients at as low of a dose as 15 mg, 2 times a day…and it has been shown that it can actually save lives.

So let’s get the news out to Mr. McCain’s doctors so they can be up-to-date on the newest therapies from a global community who are working to save lives and opening doors for patients all over the world.

Let’s send this message to all of his supporters and physicians who are involved in saving his life. He deserves it, just as all patients deserve to know what can help them in their struggle to live in health and happiness.