by Dr. Dana Flavin

The word “cancer” actually comes from the Greek word ‘Karkinos’, meaning crab. It was the Greek physician Hippocrates who used that term to describe the disease.

But what do we know about this little crab?

A crab only goes where the environment is good. This means they love murky waters.

How does this crustaceous critter compare to the disease we know as cancer?

The cancer cells grow in an environment that is acidic because the cells themselves release acid to help them grow and keep the surrounding conducive to their growth.

This also gives fungi an excellent environment for growth. Like members of a dangerous gang, the fungi helps the cancer to grow. There’s also bacteria which enjoys this type of environment and helps cancer cells proliferate. All of these foes keep the environment filled with growth factors, perfect for cancer cells.

These pathogens then brings in other pathogens such as parasites and viruses. They too help the cancer to grow. And last but not least, heavy metals travel to the altered DNA and are used in the transformed cells for enhancing their replication.

Which of these factors comes first can vary tremendously, but the important point here is that the environment alone must be changed first to reverse a cancer.

This is why there’s a real need for diet changes and detoxification. The slow, consistent elimination of these contaminants changes the milieu of the cancer cells so they may leave.

The immune system is important after this step, but when the contamination is not removed, the immune system remains handicapped.

It appears we have been taking a wrong approach to eliminating cancer. We are trying to destroy the cancer tumor itself. However, this only releases those cells that are resistant to these therapies and spreads the cancer to other parts of the body.

Instead of helping the body to heal and the cells to be allowed to leave with our own body’s help, we are letting the situation that started the cancer in the first place remain as well as stimulate more cancer growth.

The word “disease” means ill at ease. When ‘dis’ is replaced with ‘ease’, then we’re encouraging the body to ‘ease’ out of cancer day each day. We are gently reversing the disease to health.

Forty years ago, this whole concept would have seemed preposterous, but from what we have learned over decades, we now know how important these steps are in healing a patient. We are reversing cancer, so that the “crab” can let go of its deadly pinch.

Our bodies can be healed. To learn more about a detoxification process that’s right for you, contact us for a consultation.