Detox from the little green creatures.

Keep the body alkaline.

by Dr. Dana Flavin

Acid causes fungi to grow and fungi causes acid, so the more white bread, sugar, cows milk products and processed food we eat, the more we become acidic. Fungi LOVES acid. On an acid diet, it grows like a weed.

Fungi also lowers our immune system, helps cancer to grow, deteriorates our health and in general, makes us depressed, sleepy, lazy and fat. (Yes, fat. They store water via releasing histamines and make us tired and hungry all the time).

I once had a lousy diet with too many refined carbs. I also lived in a house with mold and did nothing but sleep, eat and sleep again. I got fat. I was too tired to exercise. (Even the dog hated me, since I was too tired to walk him.)

Then I woke up. Like sleeping beauty. I got rid of the house mold with an ozone machine left on while I was out (with the grateful dog) and bought a good filter for better air in the home.

I changed my diet to eliminate all sugar and refined carbohydrates. I began eating more lentils, beans, veggies galore and took 1 – 2 oregano oil capsules daily (which coincidentally got rid of a toe fungi over weeks).  

I also started to lose weight, have more energy, (the dog was ecstatic) and believe me, my new alkaline diet changed my life.

Our bodies are like a fine machine that when properly taken care of can last longer than a diesel engine (a long time, if you don’t know).



Take oregano oil capsules, avoid refined carbohydrates, no sugar (try stevia or a little raw honey instead). Avoid cow’s milk products (except buffalo mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Some goat or sheep cheese or milk is fine).

And eat lots of VEGGIES!!

Carrots, broccoli, kale, cabbage, lentils, beans, lemons (yes, they are alkaline). Drink lots of filtered water, add lemon or lime to it for flavor. You don’t need sugar. If you have chocolate cravings, take some magnesium (which curbs sugar cravings).  

You are not alone.

We can do this.  

For our health and happiness.

(Not to mention the happiness of your pet!)