Who says love doesn’t heal? It does!

Dr. Dana Flavin

Feeling the emotion of love helps us to relax, destress, increase our immune system and fight all sorts of illnesses. Regardless if you love a dog, a cat, a tree, plant, a person or yourself (remember: you’re always there for yourself, whether you like it or not!), love literally heals. 

So start increasing those alpha waves and start loving. It will change your life. Keep your focus on the positives. Concentrate on kindness and caring and don’t forget: let them care about you too! (Receiving love is equally important.)

And talk out your emotions. Nobody around? Your cat will listen! No pet, no problem. Sometimes just talking to an object will help relieve the stress of a painful situation and make it smaller than it feels. Even staring at images of puppies can bring out that powerfully healing heart energy. 

Today is Love Day.  So love and be loved. Love your pets, your plants, your friends, your neighbors, passers-by on the street, the clouds in the sky or the beloved spirits of those who have passed.

Simply practice a state of loving on a daily basis, regardless of who is around. Strengthen your ability to love, like its a muscle. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it. 

And most of all love yourself. You deserve it.

J Love to you, from me!