We turn on the tap and the water is clear, so we think we’re safe. We drink a glass and it tastes like water and again, we think we’re safe.

But are we?

No, alas! We are slowly being poisoned by contaminated water in our baths, food, drinking water…even when we water our garden. The most important resource we have is water and its being destroyed around the world.  

Cancer is increasing from the chemicals causing it and /or lowering our immune systems. People’s IQ levels are decreasing around the world. Life expectancy is also decreasing from a myriad of illnesses and all because we are slowly being poisoned by our water, not just our foods.  

What are the causes of this contamination?

To start with, the rainwater itself is contaminated. Acid rain, nanoparticles of aluminum, strontium and barium in the air, pollutants from chimneys from factories, exhaust from autos, coal-burning for energy and other fossil fuels are constantly sneaking into our water supplies. 

But wait…what about the sewage? It isn’t just excrement waste that is in our water. There are parasites, pesticides, plastics, medications, nitrates, heavy metals and literally THOUSANDS of chemicals. To name a few: chlorine, fluorine, trihalomethanes, salts of arsenic, radium, aluminium, copper, lead, mercury and cadmium barium.  

Where do these chemicals come from?

Sources are as vast as fracking, gold mining, buried waste and agricultural run-off – all of these can leach into our drinking waters and streams. There are too many pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dozens of other sources. 

Wait, I’m not finished (unfortunately). There are also hormones in the water. Mrs. Smith’s hormone replacement therapy, Mr. Jone’s testosterone blocker for his prostate cancer, chemotherapy drugs, birth control pills, antidepressants, antibiotics and antipsychotics all slowly make it into our water system.

WOW! This is even scaring me!

As a doctor, I work hard trying to protect us from all the dangers in the water, not to mention reverse the diseases caused by all of these contaminants. The laws for water purification are antiquated and for the most part, still only remove bacteria. The levels of toxins and chemicals in our drinking water are only measured individually. This means that the combination of chemicals that often work synergistically for optimum toxicity in the body are not calculated. 

Instead, they are only looked at parts per million for each individual chemical.  This is an international problem, not just a local one. The sources of clean water are also reducing as glaciers melt away from global warming, so there is less snow and ice in the mountains to feed the streams and rivers we need for water. 

I don’t wish to sound like gloom and doom here, but this is a HUGE problem. Even the ocean’s water is contaminated with humongous plastic islands spewing out their toxins and even the carcinogenic non-stick surfaces of our cooking pots and pans are being found in our drinking water and in the oceans.  

How do we solve this problem?       

Can we reverse it?


This isn’t going to be easy, but it starts first with awareness. We need to change the use of fossil fuels so the glaciers can be replenished. This is an uphill battle but it must be won to save the water on the earth. More natural energy is needed from natural sources (like wind and sun). Additionally, our consumption of energy needs to stop rising (which it continues to do, on a daily basis). 

We need stricter rules for manufacturing companies to eliminate their wastes in our oceans and streams. We need to get the plastics out of the water, the oceans and streams and shift back to glass and hard plastics that are less dangerous for our environment.

Then we need to use reverse osmosis to get rid of the chemicals in the water. The first decontamination can be done at the plant for sewage, but locally the use of reverse osmosis will get the rest of the toxins out. It isn’t just bacteria; it’s everything. Even if we only use water filters in our homes, that can help us to eliminate some of the toxins in our baths and drinking water.

So while the best solution is to prevent the poisons in our water in the first place, at least we can save ourselves, little by little, with house filters and (the best choice) reverse osmosis. 

 Let us bring back the source of our good water, keep it from being contaminated and hydrate into health again.

My prayer: 


“Give us each day our daily (pure) water and help us clean up this wonderful planet of ours so we can have a healthy wonderful future. Then, and only then, can we dance in the rain again.”