There are various forms of magnetic fields that may contribute to cancer growth, including electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by WiFi, as well as additional disturbances from the Earth itself, such as geopathic disturbances.

Geopathic disturbances often stem from underground currents, each possessing its own magnetic fields capable of inducing cell changes, breakdowns, mutations and even cancer growth.

Research, including studies by Rawls and Davis, has indicated a correlation between magnetic field direction and cell behavior. Notably, it was found that sleeping with one’s head facing the North pole magnet decreased cell growth, while facing the South pole magnet increased it.

Could this be the reason behind the ancient practice, mentioned in the Torah, of sleeping with the head to the North? It’s intriguing how such practices from centuries ago align with recent scientific discoveries.

Dr. Nieper, a German Physician, conducted tests on underground currents, particularly water underground, in areas with varying cancer rates. His findings revealed a higher incidence of cancer in locations with more underground streams and magnetic forces, contrasting with towns experiencing fewer disturbances and consequently lower cancer rates.

Bioengineers have demonstrated remarkable accuracy in testing for these disturbances. In one instance, a lung cancer patient exhibited a double line of magnetic fields running through the bed at the chest level, while another patient with medullary thyroid cancer had a magnetic line passing through the thyroid area. Similar unusual disturbances were observed where patients frequently sat or slept.

We advocate for safety testing in this regard, alongside precautions such as avoiding proximity to cell phone towers, 5G towers and other potential influencers of tumor growth.

BioGeometry by Dr. Ibrahim Karim
[Source: Geomancy Group]