about collmed

The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research

what we do

The Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research (CollMed) is a research institute devoted to helping people find new ways to improve their health. It is continuously developing new treatments in diseases using the most recent information and studies in medicine. We are a 501(3)C nonprofit organization.

The rate of cancer in the United States has more than doubled over the past 10 years. Our foundation has been researching relevant literature to find the most important aspects of nutrition and nutrient supplements for decreasing cancer risks and assisting therapy.

In addition, our foundation is researching new therapies and methods for decreasing the symptoms in autoimmune diseases and viral diseases.

Dr. Dana F. Flavin is interested in sharing her 27 years of research and expertise in cancer and cancer prevention with the public by giving presentations to interested associations and groups. Her expertise includes disciplines in medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrient biochemistry (summa cum laude) and medicine with a specialty in Biochemical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine.

She served as the Science Assistant to the Associate Bureau Director for Toxicology (1979-1981). She has been living and doing research in Germany and Austria for the past 20 years and CollMed (based in Connecticut) to share valuable knowledge with colleagues and patients all over the world.

CollMed is a non-profit organization relying on donations from the public with no affiliation to any companies or profit organizations. We look forward to serving patients and their families by sharing our knowledge with them.

why we are different

The network of colleagues who make up this foundation are committed to reading and researching all published information on cancer and autoimmune diseases.

We work with eminent scientists and physicians globally to learn and share cutting-edge information on new treatments and areas of research. Our patients are benefiting tremendously from this international network of information and collaboration through the foundation’s advisors and members.

For a consultation, please email Dr. Dana Flavin at drflavin@collmed.dev.cc. Your email will be reviewed carefully and any documentation is strictly confidential.

For a detailed consultation, a donation is required.
Call 1-855-collmed (1-855-265-5633) for more information.

Our foundation finds treatments from integrative, complementary and conventional medicine. We investigate and combine support therapies to enhance efficacy and decrease side effects for faster, safer and more comfortable treatment in many different diseases.